#10: Wear an "I've Got Cancer" t-shirt around the house.

#9:   Using overly intricate (and thoroughly confusing) means:
 -Spouse: Honey, you don't look so well. Are you feeling alright?
     -Response: Well, if by 'are' you mean 'do', and if by 'feeling' you
mean                     'have' and if by 'alright' you mean 'cancer', then the answer is
yes, I                         most certainly do.

#8:   Vanity license plates:  [2MR GUY], [KEMO GAL], [IHAVCNCR],[CNCR FITR]

#7:   Via text message. ( omg! ive gt cancer. not kewl. :( )

#6:   Make your family play connect the dots with some twisted puzzle:
"Ya know, I was thinking...the last time we decided to take a 2nd
summer              vacation was the first time that I told you about how I had
     crazy, huh?"
#5:   The Relativity Approach:  
"Well honey, I got fired from my job for sleeping with the
cleaning                           lady, who apparently gave me HIV. You should get
yourself checked                        out ASAP. Ha ha, just kidding about that...by the
way, I have cancer.

#4:   "Alright everybody, raise your hand if you DON'T have
(raising your hand at first, then slowly dropping it as
everyone watches)

#3:   On the Jumbotron at a sporting event.

#2:   Through clever subtleties:
Spouse: Do you have Billy's basketball schedule for next week?
     Response: I'll tell ya what I don't have...the ability to properly
regulate                  cell growth and proliferation anymore.

And the #1 worst way to break cancer diagnosis news to your family:

"Knock-knock" ... "who's there?" ... "I have cancer."
Top 10 Worst Ways to Break Cancer Diagnosis News to Your Family
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