#10: Doctor: "Oops, there goes my watch again..."

#9:   You look on the wall to find your doctor got his MD from the
University of Phoenix.

#8:   While performing the exam, something bites your doctor's finger.

#7:  Nurse: "I can't find the lube anywhere, doctor...I think we're out."

#6:  Doctor: "Hmmm, I've never seen anything like that before."
#5:  The doctor decides it would be funny to check your rectal acoustics
and finds them surprisingly resonant.  

#4:  Doctor: "Hey Johnson, come here and feel this guy's prostate...It's
the size of a grapefruit!"

#3:  The doctor tries to sell you cosmetic enhancements: electrolysis, anal
bleaching, laser hemorrhoid removal, etc.

#2:  The doctor insists on not wearing rubber gloves because they ruin
the intimacy.

And the #1 sign your prostate exam is not going well:

Your doctor performs the final part of the exam with both hands firmly
placed on your shoulders.
Top 10 Signs Your Prostate Exam is Not Going Well
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