Any one of these is probably a bad sign...if you start to notice multiple
signs, just start running and don't look back.

#10: Replaces your pillow with a new 'asbestos-stuffed' pillow.

#9: Keeps dropping hints on how steroids could help improve your
physique...and more importantly, your sexual abilities.

#8: Installs a new X-Ray machine in the house...and every bump and
bruise now requires extensive X-Ray examination.

#7: The garden (where you spend hours a day) is now covered in
industrial strength pesticides.

#6: All silverware in the house is replaced with a new
lead-based variety.
#5: Calls your cell phone hundreds of times a day, ensuring that damn
thing is constantly glued to the side of your head.

#4: Insists on eating fish for every meal
(while some fish is good, too much =
mercury poisoning = hello cancer)

#3:   Tries to sell you on new medical procedure for colon cleansing...
plutonium enema.

#2:   Replaces all lighting throughout the house with tanning bed lamps.

And the #1 sign that your spouse is trying to give you cancer:

Every time you ask for something to drink, they offer you a bottle of
Chernobyl Springs Bottled Water.
Top 10 Signs Your Spouse Is Trying To Give You Cancer
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