So you think you know a thing or two about cancer.  Unfortunately for you, not even a board-certified
physician would be adequately prepared for what follows.  Best of luck.

Let's Begin...

Question #1:

True or False?  Cancer makes a person smarter, improves eyesight, enhances sexual performance,
sharpens the wit and makes one 2-3 inches taller.

Question #2:

According to Paris Hilton, the type of cancer that is 'totally hot right now' is:

A. Colon
B. Pancreatic
C. Lung
D. Breast

Question #3:

If you survive a nuclear explosion, but are well within the radiation exposure area, and you have a lead
shield to cover one part of your body from excessive radiation, which part of your body do you cover?

A. Head
B. Heart
C. Reproductive Organs
D. Feet and Hands

Question #4:

Which of the following have the potential to cause cancer?

A. Cell phones
B. Email
C. Masturbation
D. UGG Boots
E. All of the Above

Question #5:

The absolute worst place to get a tumor is...

A. Kidney
B. Brain
C. Testicle
D. In the mail
E. Breast

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