The Scientific and Medical Merits of Laughter:   (According to Us)
The medical establishment is always slow to challenge or change existing conventions (especially
slow when such changes could potentially cost them billions of dollars in lost revenues.)  Such is the
case with recognizing the therapeutic and curative properties that laughter and humor provide in
dealing with illness and disease.  While they are quick to acknowledge the many physiological
benefits that laughter and positive emotional responses can produce, they stop short of granting
them any curative powers.  This is moderately understandable as science requires volumes of
experimental evidence to back a claim or theory before it becomes widely accepted and recognized
as truth.  As it's difficult (some would claim impossible) to measure the effects of humor in respect
to healing a patient or curing a disease in a rigorous scientific experiment, the medical community
conveniently sweeps these ideas aside.  There are, however, countless examples and mountains of
anecdotal evidence that support the claim that humor and laughter not only have the power to
enhance one's health, but to eradicate illness and cure disease.  

The human body and its wondrously immense biochemical complexity is far beyond comprehension,
by even the sharpest of medical minds and the most comprehensive scientific models.  Sure, the
general mechanics of the human body are well documented and many simplified models provide
reasonably accurate approximations of the inner workings, but the underlying matrix of complexity
is still far from understood.  The seemingly simple task of explaining how something as modest as
our emotional state can effect numerous physiological changes remains elusive.  Lack of
comprehension should not preclude us from utilizing and implementing such an obviously powerful
tool.  Just take a look at gravity: we know it's there, and we even have elegant mathematical
formulae to describe the phenomenon, but the underlying mechanism of how gravity
actually works
is unknown even to this day.  And so it is with humor; we should continue to pursue it as a
therapeutic and curative tool of medicine, even though we're unable to describe the intricate details
of its mechanism.

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