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Welcome to Cancer Is Not Funny, where laughter truly is the best medicine.  
Here you'll find a collection of cancer jokes and humorous cancer information meant to amuse, to entertain, to
enlighten, to inspire, to strengthen, to uplift and to support you (or a loved one) in the fight against cancer.

What you won't find is a bunch of fancy medical jargon, nor will you find much medical information on cancer
diagnosis, traditional cancer treatment options or cancer survival rates.  There is a huge database of info on these
subjects available to anyone's called the internet.  No, our focus here is dragging cancer from that
dark and gloomy corner of our minds it has long occupied, out into the open, where we are free to expose it as the
lawless little ingrate that it is and to beat the sh*t out of it with humor and positive energy.  

So, let the journey begin.  And Have a Wonderful Day...Laughing the Cancer Away!

Continue below to unleash the humor...
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We, at, are not doctors. We are not medically trained or certified in any way
(if medical knowledge was measured in parenting skills, we'd be Britney Spears) and thus, all of the
claims and/or suggestions detailed on this site should not be taken as medical advice.  Always consult
your physician before beginning and/or modifying any alternative course of treatment.

We are, however, firm believers in the healing power of laughter.
**Laughter has not been FDA approved for the treatment of cancer or any other medical condition
(except maybe depression, and if it's not, it sure as hell should be)**
Here it's world-famous collection of everything even remotely related to cancer that we
find humorous and hilarious (as well as plenty of other funny stuff with absolutely no relevance to cancer.)

Cancer jokes, cancer quotes, top 10 lists, funny cancer shirts, crazy cancer statistics and many other wonderful
creations are here for your amusement. Whether you're a current cancer patient or a cancer survivor, an oncologist
or a concerned family member helping to support, you can be sure to find something here to make you smile.  
So while cancer may not be funny, laughter IS the best medicine.   

Some of the content and humor on this page may not be suitable for children or overly serious individuals.  Each link
has a rating (following the movie business model: G, PG, PG-13 or R...sorry, no X-rated content here) that should
help classify the content on that particular page.
Humorous Cancer Jokes, Cancer Humor and Funny Cancer Quotes | Cancer Is Not Funny
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