Humorous Doctor Names: (ok, so this list of funny doctor names is almost entirely
fabricated, but most of the inspiration DID come from real doctors out there...some of which
have names SO perfectly suited to their area of medical practice, it's as if they were destined to
follow their chosen career path.)

Dr. Felicity Fingers, Gynecologist (we'll kick it off with a fairly tame one)

Dr. Chester McFunbags, Plastic Surgeon (couldn't resist adding this one)

Dr. Woodrow Cockburn, Urologist (ouch!)

Dr. Seymour Browneye, Proctologist (ziiiiiiiiiing.)

Dr. Payne N. Zuffring, General Medicine (but he's got a wonderful bedside manner...)

Dr. Ned Cleaver or Dr. Billy Butcher, Surgeons (ummmm, no thanks.)

Dr. Ludwig Azmeister, Colorectal Surgeon (any relation to the great Dr. Dudemeister?)

Dr. C. N. Beavers, OB/GYN (it's like these things write themselves...)

[Funny Doctor Names continued below...]
More Humorous (And Unfortunate) Doctor Names:

Dr. Florence "Flo" Dooshman, Gynecologist (because a fresh hoo-ha is a happy hoo-ha)

Dr. Hugh Wanger, Penile Implant Specialist (I don't even know if that's a real specialty
or not, but frankly, the joke doesn't work as well without it.)

Dr. Howser Vasheena, Gynecologist (this one never fails to make me smile...)

Dr. Slappy McCavatee, Dentist (everyone's favorite Irish dentist)

EMT Urinot Gonamayket (nobody likes a pessimist, Uri...)

Dr. Frederick Von Spinecrusher, Chiropractor (use your fake German accent to really
get the full effect of this one.)

And last, but certainly not least...drumroll please....

Dr. Michael Jackson, Pediatrician
(business has been a little slow lately...heee-heee
Funny Doctor Names
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